Q. Where does the train go and how long is the ride?

A.  We rent track from CN so we only have one route that we are permitted to travel. It starts at the old CN station (currently the Keg restaurant) and travels north to just this side of the CN yard.  After a brief inspection, we travel backwards to our starting point.  The trip is approximately 10 km and 1 hour long.  

Q.  What time should I arrive for my excursion?

A.  For our regular summer runs aka Spirit of Kamloops, you must arrive 45 minutes ahead of the scheduled departure time.  

Q.  Why do I have to arrive so early?

A.  There are a few reasons.  One, you will have a great photo opportunity as our impressive steam locomotive 2141 pulls into the station.  Two, it takes time to board all our passengers. Three, we rent our track time, and must depart and vacate the track at specified times.  Four, some of our excursions include entertainment on the platform .  You won't want to miss this. And five, we have a requirement to pass on safety regulations to our passengers.  Think in terms of the airplane industry.  

Q.  Will we be seated inside or outside?

A.  There is no assigned seating for Spirit of Kamloops excursions.  You can choose between our two open air cars, and our covered coach.  We encourage you to also wander throughout the train and explore from the caboose to the cafe lounge.  Keep safety in mind at all times.

Q.  Is the train wheelchair accessible?

A.  During the Spirit of Kamloops summer runs, we can use Rocky Mountaineer's lift.  We can accommodate two wheelchairs at any time during the summer in the open air cars only.  We can also assist people with walkers, canes or crutches.  It helps to let us know ahead of time so we can prepare the lift.  The onboard washrooms are not accessible.

Q.  Can I bring my baby?

A.  Yes, of course!  Our youngest passengers have been just a few weeks old. Please leave your stroller at the ticket office or on the platform during the excursion. 

Q. Is there a washroom on the train?   

A.  Yes, there are two.  Keep in mind that they are very small and have no running water for hand-washing.  You may decide to use the washroom at the ticket office before boarding.

Q. Can I bring my own snacks on the train?

A.  Yes, but please, use the garbage and recycling bins when done.  We discourage messy or sticky food.  Don't forget, your fare includes a drink and snack!

Q. I bring my dog everywhere!  Can I bring him on the train?

A.  Only service dogs are permitted on the train.

Q.  Are there dress requirements on the train?

A.  Our only request is that you dress with safety in mind.  No high heels or flip-flops; they are a tripping hazard.

Q.  Is the train air-conditioned or heated for different weather conditions?

A.  No, the covered coach is vintage 1954 with neither heating nor air conditioning. It can be uncomfortably warm during the summer. The open air cars allow the weather in!  We ask you to dress accordingly. 

Q.  Will you be offering all-day excursions such as travelling to Armstrong?

A.  For many reasons beyond our control, we will only be travelling the current 10 km route.  We do not anticipate that changing in the near future.