Enjoy some photos of our Ghost Train, 2016 edition!

   The Train looks so good in the dark, with or without its ghostly passengers!

   Spooky saloon girls or haunted twins, your choice!

   The Headless Horseman rode again!                           Conversations with the Undead!

   The Bride & Groom, forever united!                            The unsung heroes who make it happen!

THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to making Ghost Train a success:

-Tim Hortons Kamloops for their beverages

-TRU Actors Workshop Theatre for the awesome work on the skit

-Nuance Dance Studio

-Drake's Cremation Services for the authentic coffin and funeral parlour antics

-WalMart for donating chocolate bars

-Canadian Linen for tablecloths

-Our volunteer Onboard Attendants, Actors, Train Crew and YOU, our riders!

Thank you!  See you on the Spirit of Christmas!  Photos by Peter Olsen and Russ Grycan.