We are filling our shelves with unique KHR gift ideas and souvenirs:  mugs, magnets, key chains, tattoos, gold spikes, train whistles and more.  All merchandise is for sale in-store only at this time.  Come browse and get some great gift ideas, or  pick up something special for yourself!

Gorgeous large glass mug with stylized steam engine and Kamloops Heritage Railway banner.  

Etched by local artist Karen Beaupre.

Cost:  $18 plus tax

Smaller glass mug, perfect for a special hot chocolate for the kids!  

Etched with The Spirit of Kamloops, 2141, by local artist Karen Beaupre.

Cost:  $16 plus tax

Basic black is always in style! Beautiful gold 2141 logo on the left chest.

Men's sizes S-XL. Children's small sizes also available.

All sizes:  $20 plus tax

Steam Power! Wear our KHR logo with pride and style in the Keep Calm tee.

Same sizes as gold logo shirts.

All sizes:  $18 plus tax

Ladies' cut t-shirt available in black or soft pink.

Children's cut in small sizes available in black or bright pink.

All sizes:  $18 plus tax

The updated flannel jacket! Soft and warm red plaid, dressed up with a 2141 logo and a black hood!

All sizes:  $49 plus tax