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Posted on May 17, 2022

Steam Locomotive 2141 Maintenance

Our dedicated team of volunteers are continuously working to maintain the

 steam locomotive

​As you can well imagine, parts, service and general maintenance on this 110 year old locomotive are incredibly costly.

Help us to keep history alive. 

We are looking for support in order to ensure this locomotive engine remains ready should we get the opportunity to return to the rails. 

Your donation will go towards the lengthy and never ending list that allows the 2141 to be function including:

  • Firebox maintenance
  • Boiler maintenance and repair
  • Valve maintenance
  • Brake repairs
  • Generator repairs
  • A massive amount of smaller jobs that keep the 2141 functional.

​If you would like to donate to the 2141 Maintenance Fund, click below:

As a non-profit we are always grateful for the generous support we receive. Any money received will go directly to this project and not be used in our general operations account.

Article written by Kamloops Heritage Railway

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